" 特別なテーラーメイドのプロジェクト "




初めてのサルトリアプロジェクトは無事終了致しました。デザイナーのMaurizio Amadei氏も顧客の皆様方と共に









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"s a r t o r"

"Sartor : noun: a tailor, a humorous or literary term for a tailor
from Latin: a patcher, from sarcīre, to patch

sharp, or dièse from French / diesis from Greek
higher in pitch, in musical notation, higher in pitch by one semitone, or half step



"Chosen & bespoke :"
The Sartor project has a modern-style sartorial system. All cloths, materials, and variations of the garments are chosen by you.
You can customize the fabrication, a garment measurements.


"Exclusivity :"

The Sartor project is a new approach where antique and repurposed materials meet with the m.a + cut and touch. All materials and fabrics have been selected through long-term research.
First collection of Sartor project is based;
- Antique traditional Japanese Kimonos from a private collection, each selected by quality for its unique pattern and color.
- NJ hand woven 2cm per day / OJ semi hand made threads in limited edition, ramie, Konnyaku-nori treatment.
- Cloth repurposed of rustic saké sacks once used as filter for making saké cotton and dyed kaki-shibu / persimmon tannin.
- m.a+ archive, historical leather.


"Quality :"
The Sartor production is made in the m.a + atelier by our professional pattern makers and tailors. Created with original cuts and patterns, sewn to form a unique patchwork.




m.a+ biography


Based in the countryside, north of Rome, m.a+ (pronounced m-across) is theesteemed label of Italian designer Maurizio Amadei. Previously, Amadei was anintegral collaborator of the legendary collective Carpe Diem, and the projects Sartoriaand Linea projects.


True to notion of “across” and “a cross”, Amadei draws inspiration from naturallyoccurring meeting points and intersections, which are often expressed throughinnovative folding techniques, signature hand crafted details and a unique selectionof materials. m.a+ is particularly renowned for it’s leather pieces.


Many of the designs, from shirts, bags to shoes are geniusly constructed from a single piece of material resulting in fascinating patterns and cuts. Another typical element is frequent use of hand crafted silver buttons, accessories and small cross insignias on most m.a+ pieces.


Starting from a small array of bags and belts in 2006. m.a+ has grown into a extensive collection which covers both men’s and women’s clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, jewelry, and has recently launched it’s first fragrance Across and eyewear line. The label has found homes in many of the most renowned and unique boutique across the world.



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