CAROL CHRISTIAN POELL | 限定20足のダービーシューズ


20足の限定生産により製作されたCAROL CHRSITIAN POELLのダービーシューズは、"CONNECT "インスタレーションに使用されており、そのストーリーは時の歩みと特有性を表しています。一足一足が別々の番号を所有し、持ち主が世界で一人だけということを証明します。インスタレーションの期間中に自然との調和により変化をきたす事により最終購入者が " CONNECT " インスタレーションの参加者である事を同時に証明する事となるでしょう。


The special CAROL CHRISTIAN POELL derby shoes have been produced in a limited production of 20 pairs, and they are also currently part of the installation "CONNECT" as 20 corresponds to the number of years Lift has been in history. Each pair of shoes is numbered like a work of art, showing to the owner that each pair is unique. The numbered pieces of footwear also show that the purchaser is participating in the installation "CONNECT," as the shoes are designed to be naturally tanned by their exposure during the length of the exhibition.


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The tanned cordovan leather is objected dyed white. The color of shoes will change naturally over time. The derby shoes are placed in a specially cut mirror so that they are actually passing through the glass, (inserted through cut arches). When put in the context of the attachment with Lift the shoes appear as though they are "connected" to the mirror. Thus, the shoes are playing with light, reflection, and appearances, and each pair of shoes will tan differently depending on the amount of light that they receive. There are 20 pairs from 1993 when Lift first opened up to the present time. All of the shoes are connected by one shoelace; this is intended to express the 20 different steps in history of Lift. The 20th pair of shoes does not extend through the specially cut mirror at all, and thus it sits fully in the light. This is a visual metaphor representing Lift's step to 21 years. Size 37 for women, and 6,7,8,9, for men are available.



Photo©Masahiro Tsunoda


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