The bag is exclusively produced in only 10 pieces. It is available in black and natural; these two different colors are intended to express the balance and harmony. Additionally this special leather tote bag's dimensions have been recalibrated for men from the measurements of the original women's collection bag which was shown during Paris fashion week. We are the only store carry the bag this year.


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なめしの段階でパラフィンオイルを塗りこんだ張りのあるhorse paraffinレザーを使用したバックは、使っていくごとに徐々に表情を変化させるのが魅力。職人の手で一点一点作られたハンドルの他に、ショルダーストラップを使用する事で3WAYのバックになる。ナチュラルカラーは日焼けや摩擦で色を濃くし、ブラックはベジタブルタンニングの特性である革本来の色が時の経過とともに現れてくる。ナチュラル5個, ブラック 5個のみ限定販売。


The paraffin oiled horse leather bag will naturally with age in a very beautiful process. The bag's handle is made entirely by hand, and it can be used in 3 different ways by adjusting the strap. The natural color will deepen through use and wear. The black color(vegetable tanned) will change back to the original color of the leather overtime. The bag is made exclusively and produced in 5 of each color.

size: 高さ 32cm(折り畳んだ寸法)〜 39cm , 幅41.5cm , 襠 14cm


Photo©Masahiro Tsunoda


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